Faculty of Research and Development

The key goal of the SN University is to provide a creative atmosphere in which higher studies and research can thrive amongst the students and faculty.

SN University, in a short span of time, has made concerted efforts to align its R & D focus with the national goals of achieving technological competence and self reliance. The faculty and students undertake research projects in the thriving areas of science, engineering, management and technology. Along with fundamental research many of the R & D projects offer opportunities to tackle live problems.

The faculty and students of SN University have carried out research and development work in the past to advance and apply knowledge for the benefit of industry and society.

This has resulted in an environment that promotes creativity and scholarship. The core of industry lies in innovation and the core of innovation comes from new ideas that very often emanate from high quality academic institutes/universities. As such, our efforts have also led to a partnership with the industry.