Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Construction Engineering and Management is aimed at shaping the enrolled students’ managerial skills in the field of engineering, and prepare them for working as Strategists who can efficiently fulfill the production, commercial, and technological demands of an organization.

Candidates are imparted advanced learning in Project Management, Decision and Risk Analysis, Management Science, Information Technology, Lean Manufacturing and Optimization, Supply Chain Management, and a number of other such engineering and management skills. Also, students are exposed to practical experience by working on the real-world project, in labs requiring them to practically apply theoretical knowledge to practice. Project management lab, Construction Material Lab, and Quality Practice Labs are made available to students for practice.

Successful postgraduates of the course work as Construction Managers who are crucial in developing constructed environment and infrastructure. They are keenly involved in the process of construction planning and are responsible for ensuring efficient and timely implementation of building projects.