Vission And Mission



We believe that people can’t be taught but can only learn. We facilitate learning by creating an enabling climate. Information can be shared, experiences can be shared, techniques can be mastered but learning has to take place within. Hence we want our students to be socially conscious, balanced, disciplined, compassionate, responsible and happy human beings first and then, inspiring leaders.

We want to transform students in a way so that they should be able to manage the resources with vision and concern and they can contribute some progress to the society.

We want to replace the word success with progress.


To provide a wide range of primary to higher education with a commitment to excellence in teaching, learning and research responsive to regional, national and international needs.

To identify young people with professional and entrepreneurial aspirations, talent and determination and trigger them off to become excellent leaders in their chosen pursuits, by imparting knowledge and developing in them, skills, insights, abilities, healthy habits and right thinking.

To give students new thoughts, new visions, new ambitions & equip them for accepting new challenges of the emerging global environment.

To assist students to discover their potentialities so that they get vigour to set the highest goal for the life & professional career & achieve them.

To train students to be successful & effective professionals by enhancing their knowledge, initiative, confidence & creativity towards fierce zeal of achieving result.

To develop students, personality & ability to formulate, structure, solve & analyze solutions to complex professional problems.

Thus, to be a centre of excellence in value oriented, socially and nationally relevant education by synthesizing Indian ethos and modern techniques, we want to be flexible enough to adapt to the changes and needs. We shall remain and maintain our striving towards excellence. We have set our own ethos and are propelled by the rules of quality, universal values and needs of the time.